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Bills for huntley baby with brain cancer top

Bills for huntley baby with brain cancer top

File a suit erickson, ture over huntley, delivered her son dec.11 and found out four days later the fluid doctors noticed on his brain in an ultrasound two weeks before Pandora Jewelry Canada was only the beginning of Matthew's problems.Nuclear physics allowed the doctors to take out most, but you cannot assume all, in tumor.A second medical medical on feb.14 took out somewhat more.

Matthew is set to start chemotherapy next week with the expectation that the treatment will shrink the remaining tumor so doctors can remove the rest of it.Meantime, associates are organizing fundraising events to help the ericksons pay for hospital bills that have already topped the $1 million mark.Thurs, march 1, at nick's lasagna and pub, 990 s.Randall right track, elgin, will visit a erickson family.T shirts and wristbands will be for sale by south elgin students, and extra donations also will be taken in nick's.

For proceeds to go to the fund raising evening, people have to bring in a flyer on the wall of the matthew donald erickson facebook page.

Heidi berna, an associate and co worker of erickson's, is designing the fundraiser at nick's.She said the support from town has been amazing and a bright light in the whole situation.

"You just absolutely have to focus on good because it's too easy to become a wreck, berna alleged.

Sue erickson said her family never might have guessed so much good could come from her son's journey.She has received notes from people a fair distance and support from around the world through facebook.

To gain erickson, staying hopeful is vital.She and her his conversation, david, who works at the beacon academy in south elgin highschool, were told they could take matthew home with hospice care or Pandora Canada pursue more aggressive treatment as soon as he was born.Looking at their son who seemed like a perfectly healthy baby besides the tumor they didn't consider one more time.

"He fought at 4 days old to make it through nuclear physics, erickson had to talk about. "It was not even an option for us.We knew we to fight for him,

If matthew does respond well to chemo, his parents hope doctors can remove all of those other tumor and leave him cancer free for a normal life.So few babies are born with just one cancer about 5 a year nationwide that doctors can't accurately predict his chances.

But erickson said she and her husband don't want to know the facts anyway.

"God is much larger than this cancer, erickson menti one d. "There's no number and no book which would tell me how matthew is going to get through this or not.We look at him every day and we see how strong he is and that is enough for us to keep fighting for him everyday,

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