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Famous fashion michael kors online outlet designers The last century saw some real innovation in terms of both men's and women's clothing.Spearheading this revolution were a class of fashion artists whom we refer to as fashion designers.Many of the famous fashion designers of the previous century are known till today for their ability to showcase the beauty of a woman's body by way of clever, stylish, creative and elegant clothing.Below is a list of all such designers who have made women look stunning, sensuous and gorgeous through their interesting and unique designs. Ralph michael kors handbags outlet lauren Ralph lauren tried his hands at many things before he became a fashion designer.His education was in business science, he served in the army and even worked as a road salesman for a clothes company.It was in the year 1967 that he launched polo ties.In the next four years, he launched both men's and women's wear.In the year 1983, he became the first fashion designer to come up with a home collection.Today, his lines include ralph lauren collections, polo sport, and polo ralph lauren. Gianni and donatella versace Gianni versace began designing clothes at the age of twenty five.Many of his creations featured in magazines such as"Showgirls".Versace creations were very popular among the celebrities and he used many of these celebrities to highlight his work.Gianni versace was murdered in the year 1997.After his death, his sister, donatella versace, took over the reins of his business.Donatella versace took care of her brother's fashion house with the same passion and zeal and her designer clothing is extremely popular today among the elite for its elegance and sexiness. Gabrielle"Coco"Ccheap michael kors bags hanel Today counted among the most famous french fashion designers of all times, coco chanel's early childhood was far from the life of luxury she led later in life.Coco chanel spent a large part of her childhood in an orphanage.It was in the orphanage itself that she learned how to stitch clothes.At the age of eighteen, she left school and started working for a tailor in paris.Coco chanel's popularity first spread among the classes when she designed some really unique looking hats.In the year 1910, she started her own business.Chanel's creations were known for their use of regular fabrics and simplistic designs.Understatement and elegance were the hallmarks of chanel's clothes.Some popular creations of chanel which are considered the"In thing"Even today are chanel designer handbags,"The little black dress"And chanel no.5 perfume. Yves saint laurent Yves saint laurent became popular in fashion circles due to his creativity in redesigning the clothes considered to be masculine into beautiful, feminine wardrobe for women.Perhaps, one of the most famous designers in france, yves was the first one to introduce power dressing for women in the form of"Power suits"In the year 1966.He is also credited with designing the men's smoking jacket.The most important fashion legacy which he has left behind is the"Ready to wear"Fashion clothing. Tom ford Tom ford, counted among the most famous designers today, whose portfolio includes serving as a creative director for both yves saint laurent and gucci, wanted to be actor when he was growing up.He was born in texas and even took training to be an actor.But fate had other"Designs"For him.Tom ford popularity as a designer reached peaks when in the year 2000, he was declared the winner of the best international designer award.

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